(patch test required 48hrs prior to 1st treatment)
We are using Lycon wax system and Depelive wax.


Lip Wax€10

Chin Wax€10

Lip and Chin Wax €15

Under Arm Wax €15

Half Arm Wax €15

Full Arm Wax€25

Half  Lower Leg Wax€22

Half Upper legs€25

Three Quarter Leg Wax€25

Full Leg Wax(Excluding Bikini)€35

Bikini Wax€20

Extended Bikini Wax€25

Brazilian Wax€35

Hollywood Wax€40

Waxing Packages

Half Leg + U/Arm Wax€35

Half Leg + Bikini Wax€35

Half Leg + Californian Wax€40

Half Leg + Brazilian Wax€55

Half Leg + Hollywood Wax€55

Half Leg + Bikini + U/Arm€45

Full Leg + U/Arm Wax€45

Full Leg + Bikini Wax€40

Full Leg + Californian Wax€45

Full Leg + Brazilian Wax€65

Full Leg + Hollywood Wax€65

Full Leg + Bikini + U/Arm Wax€50

Mens Waxing

Back Neck & Shoulders Wax€35

Chest & Abdomen Wax€35